Best Samsung Smart TV Apps List

Samsung Smart Tv has lots of features on its App Store but they’re not all worth it. Over several years now, I have been using Samsung Smart TV and over a hundred devices from their App Store. I don’t think it’s really worth wasting time and money on any kind of device that isn’t useful or beneficial to us.

This is why i’m compiling this 17 Samsung Smart Tv app list. I’m going to include my thoughts on these devices, and the benefit and disadvantage I’ve experienced when using them.

The Best Samsung Smart TV applications are here now. This can be easily obtained from the connection given following the path or directly from the app store. Let’s continue.



Netflix is particularly popular with those who love to do movie marathon these days. It is a video streaming app allowing the user to watch all sorts of videos. There are times it already has been pre-installed on your Samsung Smart Tv. You can get that from the app segment as well.

It’s considered to be one of the biggest streaming services providing its users with a lot of content. You can choose to stream whatever you want. If it’s documentaries, hollywood films or Netflix itself produced original shows and movies. Only call it, it does Netflix. Below you can watch numerous TV shows and movies such as 13 Reasons Why, Money Heist, Peaky Blinders, Doom, Chernobyl, Sacred Games and more.

Whether you enjoy watching or viewing movies too, Netflix is for you. It supports streaming and uploading 4 K files which will help users access the offline videos. Netflix is a premium service and you’re going to pay more, but it’s all worth it.


It’s a global community where innovations can change everything, including the universe. That is a fantastic app for your Smart TV. It provides all kinds of videos from business leaders, businessmen, artists, techies, and lots of industry professionals sharing their insights, thoughts, and so many other things.

If you enjoy watching podcasts and interviews this feature is for you. Teds is pre-installed on the latest Samsung Smart TVs but you can install it individually if it isn’t yet available.


Spotify offers for 2 membership forms. The Paid and The Unlimited One. You can make a personalized playlist and play song with ads while you’re on the Free Plan while Premium allows the user to stream songs offline, double the bitrate to boost the music experience, and more. It also allows users to make and share playlists with whom they want their favorite songs. You can use different devices such as smartphones and computers with a user account too. So sum up, for your Samsung Smart TV, it’s simply a perfect device.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a PlayStation 3 based application for Samsung Smart TV. It allows the user to play games played on their Smart TV on PlayStation. This software is controlled and plays games directly from Sony’s own servers to ensure that the users get a smooth gaming experience when playing heavy games.

For some heavy and fast games, unlike the games played directly on a computer, you can experience a slow feedback pace. If you have a great link to the internet you can deduce cluttering effects to make the game more fun and interesting.


YouTube also provides premium services. This helps the user to access the offline, premium series videos and the best part is that it is ad-free. YouTube has a clean ui which is user friendly. I believe that is why it’s famous. Videos can also be posted to YouTube.

YouTube is a very cool app you will enjoy. You need to log in to your Gmail account when you have finished downloading it and that is it. It will synchronize the videos you saw, and then create a custom home screen for you.


AccuWeather is an excellent Samsung Smart TV app. It provides 2 types of versions, one free and one charged. It can be found on both the Samsung App Store and you can update it to enjoy it.

If your city is included in the list of cities, the free one will be more than enough for you, but if you’re in the area that isn’t on the list, you’ll need to get a paid version. It’ll run around $2.99. The paid one shows a certain town forecast and zip code. This displays the 10-day forecast with weather warnings for satellite views and hourly weather chart updates.

Amazon Prime Video

These days, Amazon Prime is getting a bit of attention too. It is an app that streams great video.

Despite not being an original streaming service, it offers exclusive shows such as The Man in the High Castle, Good Omens, Mirzapur and Vikings. This also has an exclusive range of videos, such as John Wick sequence, Tonya, and popular comedy standup shows. It’s not like Netflix; to test what the premium listing Amazon Prime offers for its paying customers, you must get a prime account.

Hulu (For US Residents only)

Hulu is an American entertainment corporation providing high quality digital media services in the US. They launched their subscription rates in 2017 and entered the video streaming services competition such as amazon prime and Netflix from that time on.

They only had 2 proposals before the thirds were introduced. The free plan comes with announcements and limited access to the video while the paid one has no content limit and contains ads. Now the cheaper rates come with no users cap while the premium one takes out the advertisements and provides a live TV package with them.


The famous Smart TV app for movies and television shows is FandangoNOW. It is a complete video streaming service, with an enormous library of 30,000 movies and TV shows without subscription. Also when FandangoNOW is open, you are expected to pay for every movie renting or buying.

Fandango buys the M-Go software, and then builds its app around it. If you’ve ever used M-Go before, you’ll find what you’re buying from FandangoNow as well. You’ll get some VIP points for any purchase you make on FandangoNOW. Such VIP points will be used to allow discounts on FandangoNow’s potential purchases.


Plex is famous in the community because of its excellent user interface. The gui helps to organize information so that access is easier. It will enable the user to download any compatible media file directly to the TV, accessible on the PC.

All you have to do is intall Plex on your machine on your TV and the media server app, and you’re done. This also features paid web shows and podcasts. For do this, you will buy the $4.99/month and $119/lifetime premium package. The basic application is safe, and awesome. In my view, getting the paid plans for web shows isn’t worth it. There are other better options than this. But that still lies with you.


HBO Now is now making a reputation because of Game of Thrones, one of the most famous Web shows. This also created popular television shows such as True Blood, The Sopranos, The Wire and many more.

Their famous TV series can also be viewed on other streaming platforms such as Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video, but these providers can only offer these series if they are already available to all.

With HBO Now, the current series can be streamed and showed instantly. You have to purchase the premium subscription first, as always, to use their content, and then you can access their content. There is hardly any other service close to the HBO now when it comes to quality.

BBC iPlayer

BBC is widely successful and known for producing some of the best television shows such as Killing Eve, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Luther. All those contents can be found directly from their official iPlayer app.

Samsung Smart TVs now also deliver iPlayer. The negative side of this app is it’s exclusive to users in the UK only. Just 30 days after its first broadcast the shows are available.

iPlayer covers almost all BBC broadcasts. Most definitely, it’s one of the subscription services with the widest range of shows and content. You must also have a valid license to use it on TV.


If your Samsung Smart TV supports 4 K streaming then UltraFlix is the one for your Smart TV. UltraFlix provides its users free and paid 4 K content, though it’s not that large in content. It’s all worth it, because everything is safe.

You can rent content to as little as $4.99. The viewing window UltraFlix will take advantage of is 48 hours, which is already enough. You need to have a decent internet connection to view a video in 4 K but it will automatically degrade the standard to HD.


Apart from Youtube, Vimeo is a good app for free, original content to stream. Vimeo helps users to build and upload their content. It offers thousands of videos in different categories including music videos, comedy videos, documentaries and much more.

It has an on-demand feature that lets you rent or buy some movies. But because of its complicated scattered interface, I don’t like Vimeo that much and it doesn’t provide enough information about the videos.

Facebook Watch

Facebook watch is one more fun feature. Watching Smart TV videos is a perfect alternative. Like YouTube and Vimeo, the Facebook watch allows you to view videos made by its users. Their system of recommendations works well and you will be able to stream videos based on your interests.

You can also broadcast live news and live stream a game. To access the content you are watching on Facebook, you must now log in to your Facebook account and finish. After that it will start showing the videos according to the history and interests of your watch.


And there’s the VUDU. It is a free app that lets you rent or buy any new titles that have been published. VUDU also carries on sales where you can get the deal at a very low price. The average rental price varies from $1 to $5 and sells from $5 to $25.

VUDU has no big content range like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Its primary model is focused on the new releases. In my view, if you’re going to depend solely on a single streaming app, you need to choose VUDU but it can be a fantastic additional service to Amazon Prime or Netflix.

All 4

All 4 is identical to an iPlayer. This makes video broadcasts available on Channel 4, More4. And then E4. As with iPlayer, you can stream live TV shows and watch content that is already broadcast directly on your Samsung Smart TV.

The greatest thing I like about All 4, what I don’t like about iPlayer, is the content available. You can stream any episode of any show in All 4, even though it was broadcast in 2005.

Final Words

Download them for your Samsung Smart TV now. Once you have those features, your viewing will be perfect. Almost all of these are compatible with my TV and I wish it would be Smart TV for you too. Please let me know if I couldn’t add some other popular feature.

Do not forget to share this and just comment it down below if you have any question. We will do our utmost to fix it.