Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK Download March 2020 [No Reload + Infinite Ammo + Data]

Activision brought us an excellent mobile game, based on the Call of Duty hit franchise. This game can only be played on a desktop before. However, there is a good news! Call of Duty for the iPhone and Android is available now.

In March 2019 it was first revealed the game would be available in mobile apps.


Download Call of Duty Mod APK

The game happens in 2020, a war in which the United States is the target of the enemies. Your mission is to defeat the enemy and gain valuable knowledge by every means necessary.

The game has a variety of weapons, ranging from handguns to explosives and numerous strong tanks and fighter aircraft. It’s a challenge to play a multiplayer FPS on a smartphone.

Call of Duty: Smartphone has two separate control modes you can choose from Basic mode and Advanced mode.


What Is Call of Duty MOD APK?

 As we know, Call of Duty is a multiplayer game that anyone with good internet access can play with. It’s no secret that Call of Duty Mobile is a multiplayer game of heart-pumping head-to-head.

As you know, Activision has collaborated with Tencent to add knowledge of Call of Duty to the Android platform. They have pretty much succeeded already. Their game is built using the Unreal Engine, the same engine used in making PUBG MOBILE.

There are graphics of console-quality and the options to play it on 60 FPS platforms. In Mobile APK MOD Call of Duty, you get the opportunity to select different modes and gameplay.

Call of Duty Features


The Aimbot is the players ‘ most excellent and most potent choice.

We should know that a good target bot is going to work on any specialist/character, using any weapons, skill, grenade, assault weapon, pistol, MG, MP and even melee attacks, enabling the gamer to get lots of kills.

An Android or iOS target bot lets you toggle it by holding down a custom button and then locking enemy players in the region automatically.

No reload

Once Call of Duty Modern Warfare launches, call of duty players who have grown used to the way you usually reloaded weapons through the series will have a new device to get used to.

Although you will generally need to move your arm to the side to reload and risk losing track of your aim in the process, you can now reload when aiming the sights down. This new feature is the product of a big work on the animations of the game, particularly those dealing with weapons and how players interact with them.

Unlimited Amo

Infinite Ammunition is a power-up used in Infinite Warfare Call of Duty mode. It lends Infinite Ammunition to all players in their magazine. This allows the player to inflict massive damage on the enemy.

How do I download COD Mod Apk and install it?

Follow these steps below to access Call of Duty APK mode: If you haven’t already installed the game on your computer. The APK MOD file can then be downloaded from the button given below.

  • After installing the Data File and Mod Apk, uninstall the Data Zip File from the internal memory / Android / OBB/ folder in mobile.
  • Download the app onto your computer now.
  • Allow unknown sources to install in the settings.
  • Download, and enjoy the COD MOD APK.

Is Call of Duty Free in Mobile?

Unfortunately, the Call of Duty on the Google Play Store is not free. It will ask between 0.99 dollars to 99 dollars for money. But, Free to use is the APK file we received here.

Is Call of Duty a Battle Royale for mobile?

Yeah, a Battle Royale is a smartphone call of duty. Battle Royale has taken the gaming world by storm over the past year or two and Activision introducing a Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode shouldn’t be a big surprise with the forthcoming release of Call of Duty Mobile.

Can you change your Call of Duty username?

Yes, as you know, you may adjust the name of your Call of Duty username, the Call of Duty smartphone in beta currently, and there is no way to modify the name of the profile. When the game is officially released, you can change it by going to your game settings