Facebook Touch Launcher for Symbian

1. If you use your Nokia Symbian Touch devices to visit Facebook, chances are, you will be directed to the mobile version of Facebook at https://m.facebook.com.

2. There’s nothing wrong about it. Except that it is not touch friendly, it was designed for devices without touchscreen.

3. If you use a touch optimised link to experience Facebook, the interface is different.

4. With this launcher, you’ll have a touch optimised experience on Symbian smartphone when you click on it.

5. Here are some screenshots to give you a better picture.







6. I am giving this shortcut for free. As usual. It’s a Widget WGZ file and you have to install it in your Symbian touch smartphones where it works best.

7. I havent test it on non-touch Symbian smartphones. If you do, let me know!

8. Get it for FREE from our download section ;-)


Asri al-Baker