Free Spotify Premium Account March 2020 [Updated & 100% Working]

Nowadays you can listen to lots of music from different kinds of apps like Spotify. Today, we’ll know more about Spotify.

Spotify is a music platform where you can play songs of different kinds online and offline. It provides users with a Premium Package. Spotify premium has many features, but not everyone can afford it. In this article, we will share a free account of Spotify Premium. With this support, you will have free access to Spotify Premium.

This is where we will post Spotify Premium APK. It is available for free. We have a free account for Spotify Premium too. We have a free Spotify Premium account for too. You can access it by copying the username and password that we are going to provide.


What is Spotify premium?

Spotify is today extremely popular among those who enjoy listening to music. It is a service streaming music online. It was launched on 7 October 2008 and was founded on 23 April 2008. This is recognized as one of the biggest music streaming companies. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS Store.

Spotify provides the Free, Paid and Family Plans 3. Notice that a lot of advertisements like audio advertising, video ads, and picture advertising are streamed via the Free Plan.

Spotify Premium plans and pricing

If you’re curious about Spotify plan pricing, we’re going to break it down to you. Spotify charges for streaming music to $9.99 a month. Whether you’re a student, you’ll get a 50 per cent discount. This will run you $4.99, then.

Since the subscription is a little costly, Spotify is giving users a free 30-day trial. You will be a part of Spotify Premium during those trial days.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

People also get a second thought about subscribing to Spotify because it costs a large amount of money. One of Spotify Free’s discrepancies from Spotify Premium is that Spotify Free has loads of advertising, while Spotify Premium doesn’t.

If you’re still doing Spotify Premium will work, you can still use Spotify Free even when you’re off track. Spotify Premium will give you the right to download and play any song whenever or wherever you want. Spotify Free does not support premium Spotify audio quality.

Only Spotify Premium will hear the high-quality sounds.

Free Spotify Premium Account November 2020

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FREE Spotify account features

Money won’t be a concern if you can’t afford premium Spotify. Only download the premium apk file Spotify. Using this, you can explore Spotify Premium’s different features for free.

No ads

Maybe you prefer premium Spotify because you dislike advertising. The Spotify Free Plan streams a lot of advertisements such as audio advertising, and show ads. The advertisements take half a minute to run. No advertising will bother you when you’re listening to a song in Spotify premium.


You’ll need an audio earphone of decent quality when you’re using the Free version since it doesn’t have high-quality audio.


Spotify Premium offers an option to use offline mode. Now you can download and play any song you want whenever or wherever you are offline. This feature is not included in the Free Plan as this can only be used while you’re online, making it a problem for you, particularly when the internet is fluctuating.

If you’re a traveller, then you have Spotify Premium. With the aid of this package, you will enjoy streaming songs and also save data at the same time.

Play song

There are all kinds of songs in Spotify, but when you choose the free plan, you can’t enjoy it all. At the other side, Spotify Premium allows users to pick and play the song they want in whatever standard they want. The number of premium songs available is approximately 33 million.


If you want to play a song which is not included on Spotify’s Free edition and is only available on Spotify Premium. You can then listen to the song in whatever way you want to hear it.

Skips & Shuffle

Spotify’s premium paid edition will give you the option of skipping any song you want to skip. This functionality is not on the Free Plan.


Should not hesitate to inquire if you have a question about Spotify premium account or are confused. We gave a few questions and answered them below. Those are some of the commonly asked questions that we receive. If it happens, your problem doesn’t exist here. Simply comment it down in the comment box, and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Can Spotify premium be shared?

Yes, you can share it with your family and friends, but it shouldn’t exceed five people. In other words, you can share one account with a total of 6 users. You can use the same email I d and password to log in with your friends or family.

How do you upgrade to Premium on Spotify?

You can upgrade to Spotify premium by doing these procedures.

Open the official website of Spotify.

  • Click on login on the top right corner.
  • Login to your account with email and password.
  • In the pop-up window that appears, fill the information given.
  • Click get Spotify.
  • Click either the Get Spotify Premium or the Get Spotify Unlimited radio button.
  • Scroll down the web page and select the radio button for your payment method.
  • Select the I Agree with the Spotify End User Agreement checkbox.
  • On the page that appears, review your purchase and enter your credit card details in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on the purchase button by confirming the payment method.


Spotify Premium can also be used for free with the free accounts we shared. Spotify Premium is outstanding. Please share this article with your colleagues, so they can enjoy it too.