Funny Things About Qt For Symbian^3

1. The first generation of Symbian^3 devices (N8, C7, C6-01 and soon E7), are all equipped with Qt runtime in it.

2. I inspected, did some research on it and found some funny things which I shall explain in a moment.

Which version?

3. To begin with, the included Qt version is said to be 4.6 but which 4.6 is the actual one installed inside these Symbian^3 devices? If you visit, there are 4 releases of Qt 4.6, i.e. :
– 4.6.0
– 4.6.1
– 4.6.2
– 4.6.3

4. I have tried to install each one of them to my Nokia N8 after a factory reset (you know… the 3 fingers salute – more about that in different post) and none of the Qt versions above (I repeat, NONE), can be installed to my Nokia N8. An error which said “Upgrade failed” will appear before the installation process halted.

5. The hunting process begins, to find the correct Qt Runtime for N8 (and other Symbian^3 devices anno 2010).

6. Luckily, Brendan Donegan (ex Symbian Foundation) wrote about Qt in his blog, together with a link to get the correct Qt runtime for Symbian^3.

7. The link to get the correct Qt runtime for Symbian^3 is at :

8. And the version number for the correct Qt runtime for Symbian^3 is 4.6.4. This is THE ONLY one that can be installed on N8. Don’t believe me? Look at these screenshots :



9. Please read the instruction to install Qt for Symbian^3 properly on that page (Forum Nokia).

10. But that is not all…

Qt is installed in Phone Memory. Wil be wiped out (DELETED) if you do factory-reset

11. If you factory-reset your Nokia N8 (and other Symbian^3 devices), the Qt runtime will gone. You need to install Qt using files I mentioned above or using a Qt application that has been packaged with Smart Installer. And you wont be able to install Ovi Store 2.0. Yep. IMPOSSIBLE.

12. Even with the correct Qt 4.6.4 installed, you will never be able to install Ovi Store 2.0 after a factory-reset on Symbian^3 devices. The ONLY way to get Ovi Store 2.0 back is via reflashing from your nearest Nokia Service Center. Or using Navifirm and Phoenix to reflash. How did I know? I HAVE TRIED ;-)

13. This made me wonder, what are the components required to install Ovi Store 2.0 on Symbian^3 devices? I have tried many methods, many Qt components installed but still couldn’t install Ovi Store 2.0 after factory-resetting my N8. I thought Qt is pre-installed inside all Symbian^3 devices in the ROM? I thought Ovi Store 2.0 requires Qt? And why this is not documented anywhere? Not even in Forum Nokia?

What Language is that?

14. Ok. Another thing. Say, you want to install a Qt application from Ovi Store or from the developers’ websites. Let’s just say you didn’t tamper with your N8, you didn’t factory-reset it, using it happily and want to add Qt applications. One of them is the WordPress client.

15. If you visit the official developer’s website, you will find the latest version called WordPress Beta 0.85 in this post.

16. If you haven’t got WordPress installed yet, you must download the file which has Smart Installer :

17. During the installation process, the Smart Installer will check and will download missing components. In this case, WordPress requires a component called Qt Mobility.



18. During this process, a pop-up will appear with non-english characters. Look at the screenshot below :


19. What the HELL is that?

20. It becomes worst if I set the N8 language to Malay. During this installation process, the error text shown will be in ARABIC!


Oh well…

21. Can somebody tell me what is the meaning of the words?

22. Oh Nokia. Why it is so complicated?… Why it cant be simpler?…


* Update 1 : Lucian Tomuta (@ltomuta) of Forum Nokia tweeted me and said the following : @asrialbaker Smart Installer’s issue is already fixed, but will take a little time for 3rd party application developers to take it into use.

… The power of Blog and Twitter yo! :-P

Asri al-Baker