GbWhatsApp APK Download and install Latest Version v8.2 [Official March 2020]

Today, we are going to introduce you to an app called gbwhatsapp. This app is obtaining popularity nowadays because it provides many different features that are not available in WhatsApp. Another advantage of this app is that it’s free. You can have multiple accounts with this as well and it has the ability to conserve other people’s status too. We will certainly share its features in this article that you’ll certainly enjoy.

Since you have a concept about what gbwhatsapp is. Let’s take a look at how we can download it.

Below is the procedure on how you can download the GbWhatsApp APK:


Download And Install GBWhatsapp Latest Version


App NameGbWhatsApp

Size54.5 MB

Version8.0.5 [Latest] Downloads100K+.

Last Update26 September 2019.

CategorySocial Media.

Used ByGbMods.

GB WhatsApp download

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is the most effective WhatsApp MOD version for instant messaging as well as chats. It has a different theme from which you can choose from. It’s an excellent device to use for those who intend to have privacy too. In this article, you will also know the updates for this latest app.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp

One of the advantages of GB WhatsApp is it does not pop-up on your phone if you have a brand-new message. It will conceal the new messages in order for you not to get distracted. If you are busy, planning for an exam or in need to accomplish a thing without distractions, GB WhatsApp is the one for you.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

Every good idea has a bad side. We can never deny that. GB WhatsApp has disadvantages too. One of these is

GB WhatsApp is not an official app of WhatsApp. Although, WhatsApp hasn’t taken an action against it nor stated anything about it. Soon, maybe time will certainly come that WhatsApp will perform some legal actions.

The main trouble with GB WhatsApp is you’ll never ever understand when it will certainly go crazy. A lot of people on the web think that there is malicious stuff in GB WhatsApp but it’s not proven yet.

What’s new in GB WhatsApp brand-new apk version

The latest version of GB WhatsApp has a lot of new features that people will absolutely love. It’s more amazing and user-friendly compares to WhatsApp.

You’ll understand more about GB WhatsApp’s feature here. Check this out now.

GB WhatsApp features

If you are interested to install GB WhatsApp, then you must find out about the features it has. Right here are the most effective features of it.

  • You can delete or recall any type of sent message.
  • You can save any type of status or story of other users.
  • Video clip of the size of 250 MB is variable on GB WhatsApp.
  • It has actually included a brand-new design of chat bubbles, blue ticks.
  • It can cancel multiple WhatsApp messages at once.
  • You can replicate any individual’s status to your clipboard.
  • You can disable the Internet for WhatsApp only which means you will certainly not obtain any notification of GB WhatsApp while your Internet is on.
  • It can show you that who is online or what was the last seen on the home of WhatsApp.
  • You can hide last seen for selected contacts. In WhatsApp, it was possible for all the links. However, in GB WhatsApp you can do so for specific people.
  • You can block or evaluate calls for a particular call.
  • You can add the length of the WhatsApp group name as much as 35 characters.
  • You can eliminate the WhatsApp TM theme and change it by utilizing GB WhatsApp.
  • You can lock the WhatsApp account and also obtain much-needed privacy by including the lock feature which remains in building the GB WhatsApp. So you don’t require any third-party application.
  • WhatsApp has a limit of sending up to ten switches only. GB WhatsApp you can do share 90 images at once.
  • The most effective part of GB WhatsApp is the animation along with the original WhatsApp version and also without them clashing.
  • GB WhatsApp can select as well as duplicate a particular text. WhatsApp does not have this feature but it copies the entire message.
  • GB WhatsApp has language support of over a hundred languages.
  • On GB WhatsApp you can make program up to 600 people once at the same time.
  • There are new emojis that are available on GB WhatsApp just. Your friends will definitely be surprised and also like this.

Another great feature of GB WhatsApp is Message Scheduler. It enables you to send out a message at a specific time.

Customization MODS

Do you like customizing? GB WhatsApp is absolutely for you. GB What’s App has security features of locking the WhatsApp. It has also had different languages with customization features too.

As all of us have actually seen that GB WhatsApp does offer us a lot more features like safety features of securing the WhatsApp and also the ability to use numerous languages with customization features in integrating in the app.

You can have all these without using any third-party app in your android device. Follow these steps to alter the subject or theme of your GB WhatsApp:

– Open the GB WhatsApp as well as select the three-dot button available on the top right corner.

– In the option, select the GB setups and afterward pick WhatsApp GB settings.

– Scroll down as well as locate the download theme option in the GB WhatsApp setting window.

– Right here you will certainly need to select the downloaded theme option.

– Wait on some time to get things to download in your GB WhatsApp.

– Select the theme that you wish to use on your GB WhatsApp and afterward use it.

– After tapping on the ok button, the GB WhatsApp will restart.

– In case if you do not desire the employed theme and you do this to have the default theme then go to the GB setups.

– Select the mode option and click clear preferences to return to the default theme of the GB WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Question– [People Additionally Ask]

Hoedo I download GB WhatsApp?

You can download GB WhatsApp APK data as well as install it to your phone through this link:

GB WhatsApp APK

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

GB WhatsApp is an awesome app. It works and also exciting. However the concern is, is it safe? I can state that it’s absolutely not protected but we can still utilize it.

GB WhatsApp is ideal for people that want to invest less time on WhatsApp as well as desire some privacy.

Can I make use of GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is the second or additional WhatsApp on your cellphone so you can use WhatsApp and also GB WhatsApp at the exact same time.

So what are you waiting for? Download And Install the GB WhatsApp APK file now. Experience and enjoy it now for free. It’s an awesome app and also it’s safe as well.

Final Words

GbWhatsApp is an awesome app. It’s considered as the most effective Whatsapp Mod. Try it now to experience its benefits. You’ll certainly like this app. I hope that you will certainly share this article with your friends as well!