Get Spotify Premium for Free – Guide

Spotify offers a free trial for one month usually, however in this guide we are going to talk about how to get it free forever. You can join our open Spotify premium account giveaway on this site in order to be in with a chance of winning one. You can click on the button in this guide in order to join the Spotify giveaway.


Download Spotify Premium APK NOT the Spotify Hacked APK

Download the Spotify Premium APK
NameSpotify Premium APK
Offered bySpotify LLC
Last Update02 Janurary 2020

Make sure you DON’T download any hacked version of the Spotify Premium app as there is a STRONG possibility that some of the features might not work on your Android device as well as putting your phone at risk. If you are looking to stream unlimited music through Spotify, we recommend for you to pay for the premium version of the app and enjoy their awesome music streaming service as well as all your favourite music.

Regarding the Spotify premium apk: On your Android device, there should be a safety feature that prevents the installation of third-party apps downloaded from unknown sources. So before you can install the Spotify Premium apk on your android device, you need to enable this option that allows the installation of apps from unknown sources.

If you don’t know the steps to enable the app installation from unknown sources option, here are the steps you can follow: On your Android device, go to Settings and under the “Personal” section look for Security and tap on the security button.

Under the Device administration section, you will find an Unknown sources option with a toggle switch option. A simple tap on the option will switch it to enable instead of disabled. When enabling this option, you may see a warning message. Simply tap on OK to accept it.

Now, we will guide you with the installation instructions for Spotify Premium on your Android device: The file you downloaded in the previous step will be in a compressed format, so you need to use any file explorer or file manager to extract/unzip the file you download.

Once extracted, tap on the apk file (which is from to begin the installation. You will see a list of all the permissions required by the Spotify app. Tap on the Install button. You will see the installation window along with a progress bar. This process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. Now the app is installed on your Android device. Tap on the Done option button.


Important Info
After you have successfully installed the Spotify app, please remember to disable the unknown sources option in order to keep your Android device protected from the installation of malicious apps, which can make your smartphone more prone to viruses and malware.
With the latest modded Spotify Premium apk, you should now be able to log in by using your existing account or by using any previous/other Spotify account meaning you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a new Spotify account. This only doesn’t apply in the rare occasion when you current or previous/other Spotify account you are using to log in, doesn’t work. In this case you will have to create a new Spotify account.

Free Spotify Premium Via Free Trial

This is the best way from everything we mentioned above because it launches the official Spotify Free Trial. If you are a first time user of Spotify, you then have the option to get a one (1), two (2), or three (3) month FREE Spotify trial based on the country you are in. This means you can use Spotify for free for one-three months without getting charged for it. If however you don’t know how to get the Spotify Free trial, we have produced a quick guide on how you can apply for it by following along.

  • First of all, please visit the official Spotify site
  • Next, click on the “premium” menu item/button at the top. You will then be at the premium page where you can select a plan that suits you. When you click on “get started” you will then start the subscription process and will be given the option of a 1-3 month free trial

Spotify Premium Via Student Pack

If you are a student and you have some proof (like a student card), you can apply to get Spotify premium for a cheaper price by using their “Student” plan instead of their “Regular” or “Family” plans. Spotify offers a significant discounts on their student plans.

In order to use the Student plan that Spotify offers, please follow these steps to get Spotify Premium Student plan:

  1. Download the Spotify app from the google play store.  Open the Spotify app and sign up with using your details. To then get to the Spotify premium section, click on the Settings button on the top right corner and then click on the “Go Premium” button. This should lead you to the Premium page of Spotify.
  2. Click on the “Join Premium” button. This should take you to the bottom of that page where you will be presented with a plans section. Click on the “Get started” button on your selected plan. This will lead you to the payment options page. Enter your card/billing details. Click on the “start 30 days trial now” button. You then have the option of changing your plan to the free one in order to avoid getting billed after the trial is over, or carry on with your current plan.
  3. If you did chose the “student” plan option, you will see the “premium for students – up to 50 % off” button. When you click on that button, you will be presented with a new page where you will have to verify that you are a student by uploading a relevant student ID which proves you are a student.
  4. Make sure you follow the instructions on that page by filling out your basic details like your first name, last name, email address, your country and fill out your mobile number to get the OTP verification. This will then lead you to the next step which will be submitting/uploading the relevant student documents. Then choose your plan and pay for it. Congrats you are now on Spotify premium student plan!

(Download Spotify mod apk)

FAQs: People Also Ask the Following:

How do I upgrade the Spotify premium on the app?

You can upgrade the Spotify premium app by clicking on the settings option and then clicking on the “go premium” option. After you have clicked on the “go premium” button, you will presented with a new page where you can click on the “join premium button” which will take you to the bottom of the page. You can then choose which plan you wish to subscribe to by selecting it and clicking on the “get started” button. After that you will be presented with the same options as we have described in our article above.

How do you pay for premium on Spotify?

You can pay for the Spotify premium on Spotify app by signing up and then clicking on the get premium button and by choosing your plan on Spotify premium. Click on get 30-day trial button then click on the other projects then select your favorite method after choosing your ideal Spotify premium membership plan click on the payment option button later pay by your visa or debit card.

How much does Spotify Premium cost for a year’s subscription?

To get Spotify premium, you have to chose from 3 different plans, subscribe and pay the fee. The amount depends upon the number of days/weeks/months you wish to use it for. The amount will also change depending on what country you are in as the currency of the country also changes. In India for example, the charge for one day is 13 rupees. For a week the charge is 39 rupees. For a month the charge is 119 rupees. For three months the charge is 389 rupees. For six months the charge is 714 rupees and for the year, the charge is 1189 rupees. This will of course mean an ad free experience when creating and listening to your playlists using your Spotify Premium account.

Final Word

We hope you liked our article/review/guide on “How To Get Spotify For Free”. You can now use this information and enjoy Spotify in any which way you wish. Happy trails!