Nokia E63 New Firmware v400.21.013 Available

1. After reading about Nokia E71 new firmware report on AAS, I decided to try NSU on my E63.

2. Lo and behold! New E63 firmware v400.21.013 is there!

3. I don’t need to backup my data because all my PIM and important stuff are kept somewhere in the cloud. I also keep the sis & sisx installation files for my favourite applications inside the memory card. Nothing to worry ;-)

4. Then I took the plunge and hit the update button, using my wife’s Vista laptop. It took me less than half an hour to complete the process.

5. After the update, I noticed the following applications are included in the Installation folder :-

– Ovi Contacts (non-removable). The previous firmware also included Ovi Contacts
– Files On Ovi (removable)
– Ovi Store (removable)
– Nokia Messaging Chat (removable)

6. And these widget (link to mobile websites) scattered all over the places :

– Youtube
– Facebook
– My Space

7. Nokia Messaging Email (v9.5 – not the latest version, if you download from, the latest version is 9.6) is also included as well as Mail For Exchange. However, I didn’t install them because I use RoadSync.

8. Nokia Podcasting and Internet Radio are still there. But I haven’t got chance to test them yet.

9. Overall, the performance is improved. I noticed, it’s slightly faster. RAM is also improved (not that E63 suffers lack of RAM in previous firmware, its RAM is a lot). And general operations is also smoother.

10. After startup, the amount of free RAM is around 74MB which is huge. It goes down to around 70MB after the phone fully loads all the processes in the background.

11. I love it! You know why? Because this mean E63 is still supported and not left rusty. Thank you Nokia!

12. Have you updated your E63 yet? What is your experience?

-Asri al-Baker