PUBG Mobile Mod APK v0.17.0 [Unlimited Uc,Aimbot,NoRecoil,Anti-Ban]

Are you familiar with PUBG? Then, PUBG mod apk is for you. I am sure that you’ll find this very helpful and useful.

You may already know what sort of mod apk is. If we still don’t post it here below. For now, let’s first think about PUBG.

Many players enjoy this game. For only one year, it’s made 100 million downloads. This should sum up how common it is. We know people still aren’t happy and still want more. This is the reason we’re here to share PUBG mod apk with you. You can choose from here the best PUBG names, which will make your PUBG profile different.

Before installing the PUBG mod apk, first, you need to learn more about it, and what it does. We’ll share the connection for download here too.



Maybe you already know what is PUBG MOD APK, right? Don’t worry; we’ll explain it to you so you’ll be able to stop trouble like a blocked account. If you are interested in MOD APK, then you need to read this carefully to get a clear understanding.

The PUBG MOD APK has been updated by the creator to recognize that a PUBG bug causes it, and then when the pubg noticed that an individual misused their bug, they bring new updates. Then patch the flaw in it that triggers the banning of the hackers’ accounts.

Now, you know exactly what PUBG MOD APK is; you know it’s illegal, so we don’t encourage you to use it.

You may get your account banned. Whether you still have an interest in downloading it, you can do so at your own risk.

Download PUBG MOD APK [March 2020]

You must uninstall the previous software on your phone before installing the PUBG MOD APK, or you can use any dual space update.

We’ll share the link for download here. Now it’s going to be quick for you because all you need is to press it.

Now that you’ve downloaded it, you must know how to install it, what its features are, and how it works or how to use it.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Features

Unlimited UC

We all know that mobile PUBG is highly typical. This has been much fun up to now. Since PUBG Mobile is famous, it always brings new outfits, so that gamers can use UC to buy those outfits.

No Recoil

The recoil will be 0 percent when you launch mod apk. It will certainly help you prevent trouble with loads of recoils about weapons. Murdering the enemy now would be easy for you.


We all know that playing mobile pubg with hacked is against PUBG Mobile’s rules; your account will for sure be barred. PUBG Mobile mod apk will be of assistance to you to prevent being barred. It lets you play games without worrying. You just have to bear in mind not to play hacked games with your real identity.

How to Download PUBG MOD APK

It can be a little difficult to install PUBG mod apk because you need to add both this game’s APK file and OBB info. If you know how to do it, then it will be simple for you to do so. Please be careful to follow this protocol. Due to one mistake PUBG mod apk will not be able to run on your phone.

  • First of all, you must download this mod apk as well as its data file, whose connection we have given above.
  • If it’s 2 GB, it’s going to take some time. You should run PUBG APk once it’s downloaded. When an installation problem occurs, tick and save Jake to Unknown Source and then launch your program.

This software does not run after installation because you have just installed its apk, the data remains, so now you can access its data, which is connected to the update above.

  • Go to your file manager after installing, then go to the Android folder where you’ll find a folder called ob, click on it.
  • Now you’ll have a folder called Tencent in front of you, where you’ll need to paste your ob data and restart your game again.
  • You can quickly install pubg mod apk on your phone after following all these measures well. You will have no question now. If you don’t install the pubg apk yet, then you can watch our video


Thank you for reading. PUBG mod apk is a fantastic app for gamers who are keen to enjoy PUBG for a long time. Just don’t update it from the Google Play Store, or deleting your account.