Screenshot Gallery – Opera Mobile 10 Beta on Nokia E90 Internal Screen

1. A friend, owner of an E90 came and asked me what is the best alternative internet browser for his E90?

2. According to him, the built-in S60 Web is sllloooowwwwww…. And clunky.

3. I advised him to load Opera Mobile 10 Beta 1 onto his E90.

4. For him, an internet browser on his E90 must be fast, desktop-like and can display Facebook, Twitter, Google and Wikipedia. Those are the most important internet sites for an average joe like him. He doesn’t need Youtube or any other heavy webpages.

5. Here’s how these pages look like in the E90’s gorgeous 800 x 352 internal screen.

6. However, the beta version of Opera Mobile 10, has some bugs when used inside E90’s 800×352 internal screen. The most obvious bug is the misplace softkey. You have to do some mind-finger juggling to press the correct softkeys.

7. This is because the softkeys are labelled wrongly. But it doesn’t take you to be a rocket scientist to use it. Just swap the softkey labels with one another and you’ll be safe ;-)

8. What do you think? Have you tried Opera Mobile Beta 1 yet?

– Asri al-Baker