Simple Google Reader iPhone Launcher for Symbian

1. Well folks. The time has come for another freebie. This time, it’s for those who use Google Reader a lot.

2. When you open Google Reader using the default Symbian Web app, it opens the mobile page. It’s fast, but not elegant.

3. However, if you use mobile Safari on iPhone or using an Android device to open Google Reader, the experience is different.

4. Here’s my little shortcut to launch Google Reader iPhone on Symbian devices. The interface is more elegant, and suitable for touch screen devices.

5. Here are some screenshots :






6. To make it works without problem, please ENABLE Java/ECMA Script in your Symbian Web Setting (Option – Settings – General) :


7. As usual, you can get it from our DOWNLOAD section. Gratis! Free! No questions asked! :-)

8. Oh… And if you happen to distribute it, or post it in blogs, forums, social networks, etc, please link back to this page and refer where you get it from. That’s all I ask ;-)

9. The installation file (.WGZ) is inside the zip file. Just transfer the .WGZ file to your Symbian touch devices and install.

10. Enjoy!!!

* Some said to me that this is useless. What’s the difference between this shortcut and a bookmark?
** Some said, I’m cheating. This is not even an app!
*** Well, to be honest, I never force anybody to use it. If you use it and like it, that’s good. And if you don’t like it, just remove it from your device.
**** Many users out there don’t even use bookmark function and they don’t even bother to type URLs on phone’s screen. They only use whatever is provided in the Web.
***** Thanks for dropping by.

– Asri al-Baker