Symbian Foursquare Now Available

1. Foursquare. The latest craze in the social networking services.

2. They have released official apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry but they never support Symbian. This is where something needs to be done.

3. Enter ThinkChange’s Sym4Square or Symbian FourSquare. A free application designed and developed by the same people who brought us AutoInstaller, and a few other cool Symbian apps.

4. However, the designed is too Android-y if you will. I think the developer should do something to make it look unique and exclusive.

5. In the long run, this Android looking design will give them more headache. With Symbian going to use Qt as the application layer, they need to do a lot of redesigning in the future.

6. Our friend at AllAboutSymbian has published an excellent review of this app and I agree to what Ewan Spence said in the review.

7. I like the fact that us Symbian users can use Foursquare with a dedicated app. But I dont like the Android design.

8. I still prefer using Gravity for my Foursquaring needs. How about you?

9. Get Symbian Foursquare from : Sym4Square. For Symbian^1 only at the moment though.