vMenu version 1.51 adds more functions

1. I wrote about vMenu last week.

2. Frankly, it’s a very cool application and I never ued the built-in Menu / Launcher anymore.

3. A new version, 1.51 has been released and adds the following enhancements :-
– You can add / remove applications
– There’s a new status-bar on top of the screen displaying network signal, date, clock, battery etc
– The task manager is improved.
– it is sleeker and faster

4. In the help screen, they mentioned http://www.getvapp.com as the official website but when I visited it, nothing.

5. Overall, I’m very impressed with it.

6. Enjoy these screenshots! (click on them for bigger screenshots)

vMenu Launcher


vMenu Taskmanager


Add and delete applications


Landscape mode



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