YouTube Music Premium APK Download Latest Version [2020 Updated]

YouTube has launched a new app to download music like Spotify. You may listen to different kinds of music. But this app isn’t free; you’ll need to purchase a YouTube music subscription to use it. Only then can you enjoy the music on YouTube. You will experience its cool features when you’ve already subscribed like no advertisements will annoy you, you can even play background footage, and much more.

We’ll be sharing how to download YouTube Music Premium APK here. It’s an excellent app you can use to experience YouTube Music Premium for free. Yeah, you read it right. It is safe. It’s a bit different installation process, so you have to follow the procedure carefully well to install the app.


What is YouTube Music Premium?

Do you have a cool smartphone and an internet connection? I bet you like using YouTube. Some people don’t know that under Google, YouTube works. YouTube recently launched a new music streaming service known as YouTube Music. It’s Google’s music streaming service that focuses on streaming music videos all over the world. I think that you will love this if you are into the music.

If you sign in with the same user ID to YouTube Music, it will give users customized recommendations based on your mood or locations. It has an intelligent search feature that allows users to search for songs based on the lyrics, phrases, etc. But there is one thing you’re not going to like; it is streaming ads. You do hate that for sure.

This is the reason why YouTube offers premium features for YouTube Music. With no ads, you can stream endless songs in the premium model. For a month, it’ll cost you rupees 99. Then you’ll need to pay Rs 149 per month for a family pack.

YouTube Music Premium APK Download 2019

YouTube Music Premium APK Download 2019 We have the process here if you are interested in installing YouTube Music Premium. Next, if your phone is non-root, you need to download 2 apps. We have those apps download connect. Just click on the link.

Download Youtube Music Premium APK

YouTube music premium Vs. YouTube Music

YouTube Music was launched in countries such as the USA, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia in May 2018. It was released in India, after a year. We discovered its streaming music videos, live concerts, and even covering songs.

The live streaming show and cover song service made it unique in its kind of market. YouTube does come with the premium feature of YouTube Music. YouTube Music is different from the premium of YouTube music, as it streams ads between songs and cover songs.

We can download music videos on YouTube Music premium and listen to them in offline mode. This also allows users to play background music, which means you can play background music on YouTube and YouTube videos, which you can’t do. The audio quality is also fantastic.

YouTube music premium features

If you are interested in learning the value of YouTube Music here is.

Background play

Many music streaming services play background music, so YouTube came up with an idea to include this feature in premium YouTube Music. With this, you can now play background music even if your phone’s in your pocket.

No ads

It’s more fun listening to music when no ads disturb. If you subscribe to a YouTube music premium, you can enjoy music without ads. You can have every right to listen to songs with advertisements for only rupees 99. It’s also better to choose the premium family pack; with this, you can share it with other family or friends.

High-quality video and audio quality

YouTube audios range from 144p to 1080p. If you want to listen to high quality and pure music or songs, then the YouTube music premium is the perfect alternative for you. You’ll have a pleasant time with it.

Download the Songs

You don’t have to worry now if you’re on traveling and want good music with you. Only access it while still getting a decent internet connection. YouTube music premium will allow you to listen to music videos downloaded later, and even in the background mode. Isn’t it worth it? Try this now too.

How to Install YouTube Music Premium APK [Non-Root]

Do you want YouTube Music Premium APK installed now? This can be used by installing it on the non-root phone only. You cannot use it on a non-root phone if your phones rooted. You’ll need an additional app with YouTube Music Premium APK. We’ve shared the link above on how to install and use these devices.

  • First of all, you need to download and install the microOG APK, and then you need to download the YouTube music premium
  • Now you can install each of these apps and press the download file to install them and then tick the Unknown Source in Settings, after which you can update all of them.
  • You open MicroOG after both apps are installed, and you add YouTube Music Premium to it.
  • Sign in now, after that; you can easily take advantage of the free YouTube Music Premium.


If you have any questions or inquiries about YouTube Music Premium APK, please comment below.

Is YouTube Free Music?

Music streaming service providers such as Spotify, apple music, galena, and others provide free music streaming to all users. Like them, YouTube music also offers its users a FREE service. And like other companies that broadcast music, YouTube music also streams advertisements in between the tracks. That’s how it gets us there.

Does YouTube Premium include YouTube music?

YouTube Premium includes streaming music from YouTube. When you rupee 149 a month with five other friends or family members, you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs.