Facebook Touch HTML5 is now more Symbian Friendly

1. I don’t know about you guys but I notice recently if you go to https://touch.facebook.com using your Symbian Anna Web browser, you’ll experience a new Facebook Touch experience.

2. Previously, visiting the same URL will present the basic Facebook mobile website.

3. Now, there are more than just simple access to status updates, and inboxes. There are more functions and the user interface is also refined and more touch friendly.

4. I am not a heavy Facebook user. But it’s good to see Facebook implementing something as a standard across all mobile smart platforms. The decision to use HTML5 as the framework is very welcomed. You can be read some mumbo-jumbos about it HERE.

5. Previously, iOS and Android devices receive the most advanced Facebook mobile experience while Symbian only have the option to use the most basic Facebook mobile interface.

6. I believe the current iteration is standard across all mobile smart platforms? No?

7. It’s true that at the moment, there are many ways to access Facebook using Symbian devices. Among them are :

– Gravity
– Facial
– fMobi
– Borg
– Nokia Social
– Kasvopus

8. And with this enhanced Facebook Touch also available for Symbian, it makes us Symbian users feel great again.

9. How about you? Have you experienced the new Facebook Touch at https://touch.facebook.com?

– Asri al-Baker